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Larry Minear’s research sparks debate in ethics journal.

September 27, 2015

Drawing on his research since 2006, Minear’s article, “Conscience and Carnage in Afghanistan and Iraq: US Veterans Ponder the Experience” appeared in the Journal of Military Ethics, Volume 13, No. 2,  April 2014, 137-157.

Volume 14, Number 2, April 2015 of the same Journal contains a Symposium on Conscientious Objection: A Discussion of Larry Minear’s article (103-127).  Four sets of comments follow the editors’ context-setting introduction:

— “The Extinction of Conscientious Objectors in the Armed Forces,” by Franklin Eric Wester;

— “Between Ethics and Law: the Ambiguous Position of the State,” by Ted van Baarda;

— “Conscientious Objection and the Transformative Nature of War,” by Mark Zelcer; and

—  “Conscientious Objection and the Just Treatment of Personnel.” by Jeff Montrose. 

The Symposium concludes with a brief comment by Minear entitled “The State of the Debate: A Response from the Author.”

The Journal of Military Ethics is published by Taylor and Francis (


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